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PG company specializes in indoor and outdoor decoration in Greece and abroad for the past 10 years.

The main occupation of the company is the high standard design based on the latest creative trends of the world of design.

The acclaimed designer John Pravinos , Owner & General Manager of PG having completed his studies in 1998 at Milan in ISAD School of Design in Milan lays the foundation for innovative solutions and ideas in interior and exterior design of luxury residential properties as well as business premises.

Major services of decoration include:

- Integrated manufacturing studies of indoor and outdoor places.
- Design Presentation in 3ds Max Studio.
- Supervision of works.
- Furniture Design.
- Kitchen Design .
- Bathrooms design.
- Layout of sites .
- Decorationg consulting services.
- Design of industrial products .

The main concern of the company is the absolute satisfaction of the most demanding design specifications.

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